You can bring together people from around the world to exchange ideas and build common bonds without expensive travel arrangements. But too often, convenience is traded for quality, engagement, and enjoyment. LearningTimes is not okay with this. Work with us.

There are many types of events—conferences, webcasts, poster sessions, collaborative meetings, town halls, debates, trainings, workshops, etc—and many different ways to meet—online, hybrid, in-person—but regardless of how you meet, LearningTimes is here to highlight why you meet.

When we uncover similarities, confront differences, share perspectives, and expand our networks, we can work together to tackle the big questions in our professional communities and beyond.

LearningTimes plans, hosts, and produces a wide range of events. We offer end to end support, project management, live facilitation, and technological solutions for extended and dispersed teams or annual, multi-day, and multi-track meetings.

Community Website

A password-protected central hub for networking, outreach, and resource exchange before, during, and after your event, plus expert community-building strategies.

Accessibility and Inclusive Events

We can incorporate elements and activities to help you exceed your goals, including closed captioning and multi-language support.

Virtual Exhibit Hall

An immersive space to brush elbows, explore digital trade show “booths,” and increase sponsor access and visibility.

Hybrid Events

Online or in-person? It doesn't have to be one or the other. Learn more.

Content Design and Facilitation

The latest developments in learner-centered content design: for you, your event, or your program. Learn more.

Interactive Webcasts

Interactive and meaningful multimedia presentations for 5 to 5000+ attendees. Learn more. 

The first thing we do is understand your goals and then we take it from there. Work with us.