Who We Are

  Who We Are

For over twenty years, we’ve applied fearless imagination, expert facilitation, and technological command to a wide array of online learning experiences.

We know knowledge-sharing and collaboration are engines of change.

This animates us when we produce, plan, and facilitate engaging online experiences like virtual meetings, conferences, events, digital educational resources, and platforms. That’s why we work with inspiring organizations and community-builders to connect humans to humans. Because when we build real bonds even in virtual environments, we uncover possibilities.

We operate at the thrilling intersection of innovation and community-building.

We can connect beyond geographic boundaries to increase access, inspire action, and invite all of us to be more curious and compassionate.

There is no online learning solution (virtual, on-site, or hybrid) too complex or too simple for us to tackle.

We are trusted partners for leading organizations and community-builders.

We have produced live online conferences, webcasts, podcasts, and educational programs for more than 400 organizations and associations in technology, publishing, museums, libraries, K–20 education, government, training and non-profits. Some of the many clients that rely on LearningTimes include the American Library Association, PA Council of Mediators, Project HOME, WHYY, and New York City Department of Education.

LearningTimes is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Philadelphia.